District Overview

The size of our school district (1100 students and 150 staff) offers the best of both worlds - small enough to foster close relationships, and large enough to offer a wide variety of curricular choices. At Central Lee, our team of professional educators is committed to offering a challenging, relevant curriculum using research-based instructional techniques proven to increase student achievement.

Our school district serves several communities (Argyle, Donnellson, Montrose) that take great pride in the education of their young people. These communities, in turn, support Central Lee Community School District through their financial support and by donating tremendous numbers of volunteer hours.

While we encourage all of our students to be involved in as many activities as possible, our primary focus remains the academic success of our students. Studies show that a rigorous course of study (3 years of math, science, social studies and 4 years of English in high school) is directly related to higher probabilities of success in the workplace and post-secondary education. With graduation rates of 99%, Central Lee Community School District is committed to preparing graduates who are well prepared to expand their abilities at institutions of higher education, or in today's technologically advanced workplace.

What we are most proud of is the character of our students! Our students demonstrate a core value system that reflects respect for authority, respect for themselves, respect for others, and respect for their school. Please visit our campus any time or give us a call to ask about any of our outstanding programs.

You will find student achievement data under the "District Information" tab at the top of this page. Look through data and understand why we're "Proud to Be Central Lee!"

Andy Crozier, Central Lee Superintendent

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Central Lee Community School District is to prepare life long learners who are independent thinkers, value themselves and others, and have the knowledge and skills to become productive citizens.

Central Lee Community School District, located in Lee County in southeastern Iowa, is a rural district serving approximately 1100 students pre-kindergarten through 12th grades. The district consolidated in 1962 and in 1986 moved all buildings onto our current campus. Two buildings make up the 9-12 high school and the kindergarten through 8th grade school (K-8 building). The K-8 building has two wings: one housing elementary and one housing middle school (6th - 8th grades).

Central Lee's resident student population has been steady over the past three years. Enrollment is expected to increase during the next five years. The percentage of open enrollment students choosing Central Lee has been on a steady climb for the last five years.

The Central Lee School's curriculum is designed to ensure that all students achieve the district's essential learnings (curriculum). Our district's elementary and middle school curriculum is designed around proven practice in education to provide students with a foundation in basic skills (with an emphasis in reading, writing, mathematics, and science), problem solving, team work, citizenship and behavior. The high school curriculum offers approximately 78 courses in core academics, fine arts, and business education. Eligible students may choose from distance learning courses in high school or college credit and post secondary enrollment options for college credit.

Student achievement is the bottom line for Central Lee Community School District. The district uses a variety of assessments to measure the success of students. Classroom teachers assess student learning every day in a multitude of ways, both formally and informally. Classroom discussions, quizzes, homework, reports, projects and tests are among the tools used to gauge each student's progress. In contrast, our interest at the district level goes beyond individual student progress to develop the whole child.