Central Lee Middle School

Kim Ensminger, Principal

2642 Highway 218
Donnellson, IA 52625

Phone: 319-835-9510
Montrose Local Phone: 319-250-1201
Fax: 319-835-5020

Central Lee Middle School

Within the walls of Central Lee Middle School, one will find a strong sense of community.  The principal, teachers, staff, and students work together to set and accomplish goals.  The middle school consists of three grade levels:  sixth, seventh, and eighth.

Central Lee Middle School offers strong core classes in Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies at all three grade levels.  This curriculum is designed around proven practice in education to provide students with a foundation in the basic skills, problem solving, team work, citizenship and behavior.  Throughout the day, students are exposed to several exploratory classes.  These classes are designed to expose students, in an abbreviated way, to a variety of possible high school academic or career-oriented fields.

Kim Ensminger, Principal

Classroom Agendas 2022-2023

Mrs. Derr - 6th Reading

Mrs. Derr - 6th Language Arts

Mrs. Menke - 6th Science

Mrs. Menke - 6th Language Arts

Mr. Orton - 6th Math

Mr. Orton - 6th Accelerated Math

Mr. Orton - 6th Language Arts

Ms. Parker - 6th Social Studies

Ms. Parker - 6th Language Arts

Mr. Bryant - 7th Social Studies

Mrs. Hardcastle - 7th Science

Mrs. Kelley - 7th Math

Mrs. Kelley - 7th Accelerated Math

Mrs. Massey - 7th Language Arts

Mrs. Foecke -  8th Math

Mrs. Feocke - 8th Accelerated Math

Ms. Gunther - 8th Language Arts

Ms. McCoy - 8th Social Studies

Ms. Schiller - 8th Science