Central Lee District Foundation

Central Lee Community School District Foundation

State and federal funding and spending laws dictate educational program limitations.  Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to seek outside funding in order to maintain and ensure present quality, to provide for future needs, and to expand educational opportunities for the citizens of the Central Lee Community School District.

The Central Lee Community School District Foundation was established in 1985 by interested citizens of the school community with the support of the Board of Education.  Its purpose is to maintain, develop, increase, and extend the facilities and services of the district and to provide broader educational opportunities to its students, staff, and the residents of the area that it serves.

The Foundation is a corporation chartered by the State of Iowa and governed by the Board of Trustees.  The IRS has declared the Foundation a not-for-profit corporation.  Because of that, the Foundation can solicit and receive tax-deductible gifts for the benefit of the school district and its community.

Foundation Brochure

Are you interested in more information about the foundation? Contact one of these individuals below:

Doug Seyb - President
Marvin Conlee - Vice President
Steve Jones - Treasurer
Andy Crozier - Central Lee Superintendent