District Strategic Plan

From the Superintendent:

This strategic plan is the product of nine months of input, writing, and feedback from our stakeholders concerning the direction of our district. We were intentional about trying to include as many individuals as possible to ensure we received community support in implementing our plans. 

Our strategic plan will list several priorities for the district. If a department is not listed on the plan, please do not feel like it is ignored or being cut. Not all areas of the school could be listed specifically in the plan. We know our operations as a school district include a variety of professionals and programs. This plan is focused on growth and improvement in certain areas.

As a product of the Central Lee School system, I personally know the impact a public school can have on an individual. Now as an adult, my wife and I made the choice to come back to the place we love so our children could have a similar experience at Central Lee. Things have changed though in the past twenty years, and they will continue to change in the future. Our strategic plan is focused on being adaptive to our communities and not being complacent with our past achievements.

Ultimately, we want to continue to strive for a better tomorrow. Maybe that’s why it ended up in our priority statement: 

“Our priority is to create a culture where all students are expected to achieve a better tomorrow.” 

Implementing a bold strategic plan will not be a small feat, or an isolated effort. We need the help of our staff, parents, and community to ensure we are all doing our part in creating the culture of success our students deserve and need. Thank you for being a supporter and advocate for Central Lee Community Schools!

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