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As part of the Return to Learn requirements from the Iowa Department of Education, an additional form was added to the Individualized
Education Plan (IEP) for every student in the state who receives any special education services. This ‘Additional Page I’ required the IEP team
to discuss, prepare, and document for occasions where hybrid/virtual learning was necessary. Included in the plan were general education
services, accessibility to access services, unique needs of the student, as well as how their IEP goals were going to be addressed and progress
monitored. Other considerations for the plans included home internet access and parent coaching on appropriate learning strategies for their
children. These individualized plans are now included in the IEP in order to limit disruption in learning should hybrid/virtual learning become
Welcome to Cami Winn and Megan McGraw! Mrs. Winn and Mrs. McGraw have joined our elementary special education team this year.
They are a great addition to our department, and bring extensive knowledge and experience to our district. Congratulation to Mrs. Wheatley on
the birth of her son, Ezekiel James!
“My first year at Central Lee Elementary has gotten off to a great start! I am enjoying getting to know my new students and I am learning so
much from the other teachers here. I am teaching reading, math, and social skills to 2nd and 3rd graders in small groups. We are working on
building up students’ skills so that they can have even more success in their general education classrooms. I am so impressed with how hard
they have been working to reach their goals!” -Megan McGraw
In Mrs. Winn’s classroom, students are working on reading, language, math, and writing interventions that they need, and other additional
interventions to help bridge the gaps that the district has chosen to focus on. In math class, they are working on their goals as well as reviewing the district’s priority standards, at their grade level, to make sure that the foundations are there. In reading groups, they are focusing on
fluency, sight words, and understanding the skills needed to decode words. For the month of November, they are getting festive by reading a
Thanksgiving Magic Tree House chapter book, and a book called Turkey Trouble. In this book, the turkey disguises himself as other animals!
Students will be writing a story about what they would disguise themselves as if they were the turkey.
Mrs. Connor is so glad to be back together after a very long break. Many of her students were in pods to start the year. It was very interesting
to see the kids in a different setting. Church basements turned into great learning settings! The students have been going through the 7 Habits
for Healthy Kids and enjoying activities that go along with them. ‘Really Great Reading’ is the program that we are using, and the students
are improving their reading skills every day! Thank you to all the parents that attended conferences and also for the great communication that
we have throughout the year !
Middle School
We hope this finds you healthy and able to find some joy during these crazy Covid times! We wanted to share some opportunities that are
available for learning at home. Below are some things your child can do to strengthen and practice their skills in the areas of reading and math.
ReadTheory.org - All middle school students with IEP reading goals have passwords and are able to access this site. The students initially took
a placement test, so the reading is tailored to their level (which allows them to practice their reading fluency skills as well).
BookShare.org - This app allows students to listen to their library book or assigned ELA book online.
MobyMax.com - This program is available to students with an IEP math goal. A math placement test was given online through MobyMax at
the beginning of the school year and lessons are tailored to the individual.