Centrally Speaking

The school year is off to a great start! I have fully enjoyed seeing all our students in our building over the first month and a half.

I started the year taking our professional school therapy dog, Atari, around to all the elementary classrooms to remind students of the expectations when interacting with her. Atari is a two-year-old yellow lab who comes to work with me every day.

Last school year was her first in our building, and our students love seeing her! Her day consists of greeting students each morning, meeting one-on-one with students when they are in my room, going to classrooms for guidance lessons, and seeing students in the hallways throughout the day. Atari has also started going into classrooms without me, to be part of their classroom routines.

Just recently, Atari was part of an obstacle course for elementary physical education classes. She also provides leadership roles for our students, who bring her water in the morning, put on her vest, and take her for walks.

Another exciting part of this school year has been the opportunity to teach guidance lessons once per week to all K-5 students during their library specials time. I discuss various social-emotional topics during this time.

Each month has been designated a different topic for each grade level:

September - Meet the school counselor

October - Kindness

November - Personal safety

December - Feelings and emotions

January - Coping skills

February - Conflict resolution

March & April - Career exploration


It’s my goal to continue this same format each year so that students can keep building on these skills and become better equipped socially and emotionally.

Considering October is designated to kindness, below is a link to various acts of kindness in which you and your child can participate. Research shows that showing acts of kindness can improve your overall mood!