Update from Central Lee Third Grade:

 Third graders are studying the life cycle of a Monarch this month, thanks to a grant from Iowa State University and Monarch Watch. Every third grade student can rear their own Monarch from an egg to an adult Monarch butterfly. Central Lee is one of 50 districts participating in the Monarch Eggs project. That includes over 270 classrooms and likely more than 6,000 students!

Students were responsible for transferring their caterpillars to new homes, Feeding, and daily cleaning. We will be tagging our butterflies once they emerge and track them as this generation of Monarchs travels to Mexico to winter in a warmer climate. This is such a unique experience for our school and another way we can be proud of Central Lee! 

Looking forward to a great year,

Mrs. Balentine

Mrs. Campbell

Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Kruse

Mrs. Wright


 Here’s what our students had to say about raising Monarchs:

What was your favorite part of raising the Monarch?


Harper — Feeding it and watching it grow

Kamden — Feeding them

Kaylee — Letting it go

Kinley — Feeding them and taking care of them

Grady — Feeding it everyday

Aubrey — Feeding them

Zoey — Feeding them

Cashten — Letting it go

Weston — The butterflies changing

Brody — Watching them grow

Raylee — Letting it go

Monica — That they started as a baby then pupa, then chrysalis then butterfly

Madelyn — Feeding them

Wyatt — Letting them go

Nathaniel — I can draw them now

Bianca — Letting it go

Valarie — Watching them fly away

Greyson — Having them as a pet

Logan — Feeding them


The best part about raising Monarchs is...

Winnie: Watching them grow

June: Seeing them fly

Alayna: It's fun to watch them hatch, and it's fun to draw them.

Alivia: I can see what they look like when they're done, and I can see what they're like.

Braxton: You can watch them transform.

Braiden: When you get to let them loose

Connor: We get to see them in their chrysalis.

Emma: Watching them get in their caterpillar

Mikayla: It's cool that we get to see their chrysalis.

Nick: Feeding them and watching them turn into their chrysalis and butterflies. It's really cool.

Mary Jane: Getting to see how they change

Kylie: We get to see how they change, and we get to raise them safely.

Vincent: Seeing them grow

Delbert: I don't know.

Megan: It's cool to watch.

Nolan: They are so big.

Jaxson: You get to see the way they grow and the way they transform.


What was your favorite part of raising the Monarch?

Gweny  — Watching them grow

Brilee  — Being able to write about their life cycle

Hunter  — Watching them eat

Emmie  — Watching the egg

Harper  — Watching them being released

Ben  — When they were in the pupa stage

Valerie  — releasing them

James  — Becoming a butterfly

Colton  — Becoming a butterfly

Kanten  — Watching it became a butterfly

Gavin  — While it was a larva

Drake  — When the larva was very little

Ophelia  — Being able to give the butterfly a name

Jah’Neva  — A butterfly

Joshua  — How fast it grew during the larva stage

Grace  — Watching the larva grow bigger

Conner  — Being able to feed it

Stella  — Giving it a name


What was your favorite part of raising the butterfly?

Seeley  — Watching the butterfly break out of the chrysalis.

Hadley  — How the caterpillar turned into a chrysalis.

Serenity  — When it was coming out of the chrysalis and pumped the blood to its wings

Robert  — Seeing larvae grow by eating milkweed. 

Cash  — When the larva turned into the chrysalis.

Mikaela -When we released the butterfly. 

Alexis  — The butterfly coming out and seeing the white dots.

Kayden  — When the chrysalis turned into a butterfly.

Michelle  — When we released the butterfly.

Joseph  — When we released the butterfly and when the larva turned into a chrysalis. 

Aiden  — Watching it hatch.

Kenton  — The larva changing into a pupa or chrysalis.

Cheyenne  — Seeing the poop got bigger and bigger.

Makayla  — When they went through complete metamorphosis and we let them go.

JoyAnna  — That we got to let them go.

Jordan  — When the caterpillar kept shedding its skin or molting.

Aubree  — How the larva turned into a chrysalis.

K’Lee  — When it came out of the chrysalis it was kind of funny and the butterfly was glorious. 


Barrett — Raising the butterfly, watching them come out of the chrysalis, and letting them go.

Casen — Letting them go.

Tessa — Feeding the butterflies and letting them go. 

Tanner — Letting the butterflies go and having one land on me!

Brynlee — They were colorful and fun.

Macy — I loved letting them go!

Sophia — I liked that they were a pupa and when they turned into butterflies.

Karra — My favorite part was watching them get into their chrysalis and emerge. 

Brooklyn — When we let them go.

Gabriella — Seeing them change into butterflies and let them go, and taking care of them. 

Cyrus — When they were little caterpillars, and when they changed into butterflies. 

Talon — My favorite part was the eggs. It was such an experience. 

Ashlynn — Taking care of the butterflies and the chrysalis.

Azryanna — My favorite part about the butterflies is seeing them grow up. 

Cooper — My favorite part of the butterflies is when the pupa is the chrysalis and turns black and clear. My favorite part is when we let them go. 

Nevaeh — My favorite part was when they were a pupa and a butterfly.