Centrally Speaking

Our kindergarten classes have been extremely busy since the start of the school year! 

August was all about learning our routines, social skills, and building our class culture. In September, we learned about apples and had a fabulous field trip to the Lee County Conservation. There, we learned about animals native to Iowa and took a hike to explore and see the Mighty Mississippi. At Appleberry Orchard, we learned about the lifecycle of apples.

 In October, we learned about leadership roles, fire safety (having a plan), and how the sun helps our earth by keeping it warm.  

 In our countdown curriculum, which focuses on phonics, our students are learning to stretch phonemes so that they can build and read words to prepare them for reading and writing. We are also learning high-frequency words that are found in text and working on reading readiness skills.  

 In math, we have been working on subtilizing our numbers 1-10, and now we are into greaters and lessers and beginning work on “knowing one more.”

 November marks the start of our social studies unit on traditions.  We will be learning about traditions in our homes during the holiday seasons.

 We are looking forward to continuing this fun and exciting school year!


Central Lee’s Kindergarten Teachers