Centrally Speaking

Fourth Grade FUNdamentals!

Central Lee’s fourth grade has experienced a ton of learning, hard work, and fun this year! Fourth graders are able to use their leadership skills in the building by applying for numerous “jobs” that help our school run smoothly. 

Every day, you will see fourth graders washing the lunchroom tables in an effort to keep our cafeteria clean. We have also started a new leadership role in fourth grade. Students in each class applied to be in charge of collecting and emptying the elementary classroom’s recycling bins. Two students in each class were selected by their teachers for this role.

Math Games

We have implemented several new math games for students to use to strengthen their computation skills. They love this time of day!

In science, we have learned structures and functions of the human body. Students made a robotic finger to see how our bones and tendons actually work. 

We also LOVE Atari!